Our Philosophy of Education

Our goal is to help educate young people so that they are able to read, write, and think critically and biblically. Students may earn either a college preparatory diploma or a general diploma at Goodland Academy; and the academic requirements are demanding in either case. At Goodland Academy, we do not fear failure. If handled properly it can be one of the best things that ever happens to us. The key question is not whether one meets with success or failure, but with what one does with that success or failure.


The Goodland staff will do all that it can to help each and every student find success, and they will also help students deal with and overcome any temporary failure.  We believe that each student is responsible for seeking help when they need it, and also that they need to come to school each day ready to learn. We also expect that all of our students will use their time wisely. Failure and hard work are among the most important paving stones on the road to success. Some of our best senior students have been among our most problematic entering students. Goodland divides its academic program each year into four terms of nine weeks each and one six week period during the summer. At the end of each nine-week term, grades are sent to the parents or legal guardian. Those students whose grades average 89% or above are placed on the honor roll, providing that they also have not failed any individual course.