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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Goodland Academy located?

Goodland is located in rural southeastern Oklahoma about 4 miles north of the Red River. It is 25 miles north of Paris, Texas and 48 miles east of Durant, Oklahoma. Click here for a snapshot of Goodland on the map.

What is Goodland Academy in a nutshell?

Goodland is a year-round, individualized, self-paced educational program that specializes in tailoring the educational experience to each student’s style of learning. Goodland also has a residential component where boys live in a cottage with a set of married houseparents who teach the students social skills and more.

So is Goodland for boys or girls?

The residential portion of our program is available only to boys. However, our private school is open to boys and girls. We hope to offer the residential program to girls some time in the future.

How many attend Goodland Academy?

Goodland enrolls approximately 54 students with 24 of those students from the residential program.

How much does it cost to attend?

Goodland charges moderate tuition and residential fees. Our tuition is based on a sliding scale that centers around the parent’s or guardian’s income. Goodland has always been committed to helping those families in need. Financial aid is determined on an individual basis. Please contact the admissions supervisor or check out our links on financial aid.

What ages may enroll?

Goodland accepts students into our educational program from kindergarten (special exceptions may be made for pre-k) to eleventh grade. The general guideline for our residential program is ages 6-13 (with special exceptions for 14 year olds). Those accepted into the program may remain until graduation. Students generally come from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, but because of our historic relationship with Native Americans, preference is given to those of Native American descent.

How is Goodland Academy funded?

Goodland is supported by tuition and residential fees; as well as, gifts from individuals, churches, businesses, corporations, foundations, and scholarship funds. We receive no federal funding. For more info on how to support Goodland, click here!

Who governs Goodland Academy?

Goodland is governed by a self-appointing board of trustees from various states and backgrounds.

Is Goodland Academy a religious school?

Our spiritual life program is a key part of the foundation of both our school and residential program. Our supporters and volunteers come from a diverse Christian background, including: Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, and non-denominational. Our staff comprises of a blend of Christian faiths as well. Students enrolling in Goodland Academy understand that the Christian faith will be a daily part of their education.

Is the campus open to the public?

Certainly! Although, typically, we do request that you contact us ahead of time so that we can schedule your visit. Goodland sits on a beautiful, rural 390-acre campus with three homes, four staff houses, a student center with a cafeteria, performance area and game room, a gymnasium, a main classroom building, and support buildings. We love giving tours of the rich history of Goodland Academy.