Education Program

Goodland’s approach to academic education is based on the belief that most students function better in a self-paced educational environment. Our low student-teacher ratio also ensures the opportunity for individualized attention and instruction.

Each entering student at Goodland is given a series of diagnostic tests to help us determine the most appropriate grade level for placement. The assigned curriculum for each student is based on his personal academic strengths and weaknesses. Because everyone learns at different speeds, students spend as much time as is necessary on each lesson before they advance to the next.  Students must also score at least 80% on testing to prove their mastery of the material before moving on to the next lesson.  This procedure insures that students are not put in the difficult position of working on more advanced material before they master the basics.

The primary curriculum used by Goodland students is Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), which has been developed by School of Tomorrow in Pensacola, Florida.  Each subject consists of 12 workbooks that comprehensively teach the material over the course of the school year. All subjects are covered in these PACE work books, such as, vocabulary, social studies, mathematics, science, Bible studies, and more. Each student works with his teachers to project weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that will help them to attain grade-level or above achievements.

Overall, Goodland strives to pinpoint each individual’s areas of need, and then concentrates our efforts to maximize each student’s overall level of success.