Residential Program

The residential facility at Goodland focuses on group interaction and individual responsibility. Students learn how to interact with their peers and supervisors, as these kinds of interactions are vital for success in the “real” world. The boys live in one of our two residential cottages—with up to eight boys in each cottage. Each cottage is headed by a married couple, who serve as the “cottage parents”. These cottage parents may also have up to two of their own children; and their role is to provide structure and support for the boys in a traditional family setting.

Upon arriving at Goodland, each boy is placed with a roommate in the cottage that best suits his needs, usually according to age. This allows the boys to learn how to interact with others, work together in a team, and, most of all, bond as a family unit. Although living in a double room, each boy has his own personal living area, closet, study area and a comfortable bed. Furthermore, all of our boys are given responsibilities, including cottage chores and maintenance of their own living space and laundry. The chores are divided equally so that all the boys are able to contribute to the group. There are also on-campus work assignments that focus on being good citizens in their community (e.g. cleaning up roadside trash). Students may also be asked to serve on the Campus Advisory Counsel. All of these roles are designed to help the boys become self-governing citizens with a good work ethic and high moral standards.