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Troop 84 is located in the Northern Star District of the NeTseO Trails Council.  The Northern Star District is made up of the three most Southeastern counties of Oklahoma – Choctaw, Pushmataha and McCurtain.  Troop 84 is on the campus of Goodland Academy and is a part of Goodland Academy’s “Scouting Every Day”.


– History

Article from the 1937 issue of the Indian Arrow:

The Goodland Boy Scout troop was organized in 1931 under the direction of H.W. Young as scoutmaster and J. M. Grantham as assistant.  The organization continued under the direction of Mr. Young through 1931 and 1932.  Mr. Grantham became scoutmaster in 1933 and continued as their leader until 1935 when George Pierce became the scoutmaster with Eagle Scout Ted Key as Senior Patrol Leader.

At the beginning of the school year when all the boys were called together who were interested in becoming scouts it was found that there were too many for one troop so another troop was organized.  There were between fifty and sixty boys between the ages of 12 and 21 present.

In order that all the new boys might get an even start and not feel out of place, they were put in the newly organized troop with George Pierce as scoutmaster and Ted Key as assistant scoutmaster.  The other boys, all of whom had had previous scout training, were placed in a troop with Claude Leonard as scoutmaster and Cephus Christie as assistant.

Practically all boys have passed the tenderfoot and are working hard to reach as a high a rank as possible before school is out.  The boys in the Ordnance troop, besides doing work to pass their own tests, are helping the new boys in many phases of scouting.

During scout week the boys went to the show one night and made an overnight hike one night.  The boys hiked to Roebuck Lake, cooked their own meals, spent the night and hiked back the next morning.

All the boys are looking forward to the annual spring camp.  Only those boys who have advanced in scouting and are making passing grades in their schoolwork are allowed to go.

The scoutmasters, George Pierce and Claude Leonard, teachers in the school, both have scout leader certificates from the scout leaders training school held in Hugo and Paris this year.

The complete roster of both troops follows:

Claude Leonard, Scoutmaster.

Cephus Christie, Assistant Scoutmaster.

S. M. Hunter and Randle Durant, Eagles; Frank Hotema, Life; Sampson McCracken, Life; Hollman Brown, 1st Class; Cecil Bean, 1st Class; R.W. Bill, 2nd Class; Sam Paul Jones, 2nd Class; S.C. Nelson, 2nd Class; R.E. Smith, 2nd Class; Julian Thompson, 2nd Class; Floyd Thompson, 2nd Class; Eli Williams, 2nd Class; Emmit Wilson, 2nd Class; Alex Vanriette, Tenderfoot; Steve York, Tenderfoot.

George Pierce, scoutmaster.

Ted Key, assistant scoutmaster and Eagle scout.

This troop is composed entirely of tenderfoot scouts:

Theodore Bean, J. T. Billie, Bertram Bobb, Zedic Colbert, Frank Durant, Norman Dwight, Russell Fears, Billie Gibson, Calloway Hampton, David Harkins, Emory McGee, Teray Morris, Robert Moses, Jack Ned, Otis Perkins, Daniel Sexton, Cornelius Simmon, Eddie Smith, Houston Tom, Humphrey Townsley, Jesse Thomas, George Washington, Ezra Wallace, J. T. Williams, Cecil Willis, Fae York.