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Chris Scott Named Goodland CEO

Updated: Jul 28

On 7-14-2023 the Goodland Board of Trustees named Chris Scott as CEO of Goodland Academy effective immediately. The vote was unanimous across the board.

Chris Scott, CEO

Chris's Interim period was for 3 months and he has made dramatic improvements on campus. There are more kids on campus to serve and several building renovations are taking place! Chris is in the process of creating more partnerships to fulfill future programs.

The Goodland Board of Trustees is honored and humbled to be a part of the decision to name Chris Scott as CEO. Through many prayers and due diligence the board is confident with this decision.

As we continue with God's work we pray for this campus, the children we serve and Chris's family.

More information about the Goodland Board of Trustees can be found HERE.

Goodland's Mission is to provide youth in need of a safe Christian environment through education and character development to guide students toward their full potential.

The Goodland Board of Trustees

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