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Are you seeking

Educational Excellence

Leadership & Service

Christian Faith

for your child?

What to Know Before Applying...



Goodland Academy is a holistic boarding school that is currently enrolling boys ages 8-13. Please see our FAQ for current enrollment requirements and restrictions.



If your child meets the qualifications, the first step is to complete the eligibility questionnaire. Your answers will be forwarded to our Dean of Students for review. After your application has been reviewed, you will then be contacted to set up a preliminary interview. Please allow up to seven business days for review of your application. Thank you again for your interest in Goodland! 

Click here for the questionnaire.



We evaluate a wide range of needs your child has. To make sure we are a right fit we carefully make decisions on how we can best provide a high quality education along with a robust residential life. 



If Goodland Academy isn't a good fit for your child, the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth offers a list of public and private programs in Oklahoma. Please view this list of programs in Oklahoma to help find the right place.

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